NW Computing provides vendor-agnostic managed print solutions that save money, increase efficiency, improve security and allow technological innovation.

Put an end to printer frustrations

A managed print solution allows companies to oversee, gain control and optimise costs with their printing. In essence, if you buy the printer hardware you are responsible for consumables, support, warranty issues, etc, whereas with a managed print solution that is all taken care of for you.

Our process is:

  • Conduct an initial audit on your printing infrastructure and understand the current business process of how the printers are used, and any limitations. This covers everything from how toner is tracked and ordered, to what integrations you are using, to cost recovery, to security.
  • Working with the leading print vendors and negotiating the best rates on your behalf (while keeping the relationship directly between the you and the vendor)
  • Set up monitoring of all printers on the network, allowing proactive management of consumables and warning signs. Our systems allow automated toner and consumable ordering at configurable levels, to ensure you aren’t kept waiting, no matter the model or brand.
  • Deploying additional functionality such as mobile printing to users, workflow automation for OCR, and integration to save unnecessary printing or time wastage.
  • Facilitating strategic IT decisions to take advantage of new relevant print technology, including cloud adoption.