Organisations with poor IT practices are now dangerously exposed under the Mandatory Data Breach Notification laws. These laws require a minimum standard of IT maturity to be reached and maintained as technology changes.

Meeting IT security standards is now a legal requirement

NW Computing works with companies to establish a security baseline that meets their legal obligations, and then implement ongoing monitoring and environmental maturity to ensure that the company maintains the required standards, even as technology changes and requirements evolve.

Weaknesses in IT systems (59% of breaches) and human processes (36% of breaches) will be exploited by attackers – the only question is when. If those weaknesses are ones that the company could reasonably have rectified, they are liable for class actions, fines of hundreds of thousands of dollars – quite aside from the potentially crippling reputational damage. NW Computing works with organisations to audit and map out vulnerabilities, and put together a plan to get and maintain an acceptable level.

An extract from a baseline maturity audit performed assessing Australian Signals Directorate maturity compliance